Who will I be talking to?

Our clients are awesome. We know we're slightly biased on this one, but it's true. We love talking to and getting to know small business owners across Western New York and beyond. And heck, we're a small business too. We understand the challenges you're facing, the frustrations you might feel, and the strong need to build strong relationships with your customers. We can help. 

So here's our not-so-formal introduction:

Who Are We? We're pretty fun, and we love marketing. Check us out.  

The Shovel The Sidewalk Story. Our name is pretty unique, and we're asked about it quite a bit. We're not Buffalonians bitter about harsh winters - here's the real story behind "Shovel The Sidewalk."

Let's Chat.

Give us a call and come down to our office (or we'll come check out yours). We'd love to learn more about your business.