What does your name mean?

Posted By: Steve Fortunato

The reviews are in. Shovel The Sidewalk?

Thumbs down:
“That’s a stupid name”
“People are going to think it’s a snow plow service”
“Why would you create such a big hurdle for yourself? “
“For a marketing company? What?”
“Shovel the sh**!”
“Scrape the windshield is better.”
“Just call it shovel the dirt over your grave because your business is dead.”

Thumbs up: 
“It’s different.”
“It’ll get people talking.”

While we certainly appreciate all the feedback, we picked Shovel The Sidewalk as our name because it serves as our rallying cry. It represents our core belief that a successful business must be fundamentally sound. Common sense tells you to shovel the sidewalk to your business on a snowy day.

What does that have to do with marketing? A snowy sidewalk leads to a bad experience for the customer. That’s bad for the brand and will affect the most detailed marketing strategy. The physical act of shoveling your sidewalk is a task. Having your sidewalk shoveled is marketing.

There are numerous self-evident basic business principles that many people overlook and the sidewalk to the success of their business goes un-shoveled.

We think it’s important that our clients apply common sense to their marketing and advertising. We help them create strategies to promote their brand and protect their business from mistakes that can damage their bottom line. Ultimately, it clears a path for even greater growth.

There was actual thought behind naming our business. We didn’t decide on Shovel The Sidewalk just because it’s creative. Picking a creative name just to be creative without a strategy is the wrong approach. Whether you hire a $100,000 firm to help you name your business or if you name it yourself, you should have a clear reason for the name and a transparent emotional connection to the name. You don’t have to love the name you just have to love what it means. It has to have meaning to you and your employees.

What does your name mean?