What does a marketing firm do, anyway?

Talk to 10 different marketing firms in Buffalo and you might get 10 different variations. We're all different, and we're all pretty cool in our own unique ways. So what makes us tick here at Shovel The Sidewalk? How can we help your business achieve its goals? We're glad you asked...

Check out these pages to learn more about what we do here at Shovel The Sidewalk:

Our Services. The quite literal "what we do" in What We Do. Here are the nuts and bolts.

Brand Strategy. The right strategy is essential to building and protecting your brand. Here's how we roll.

Common Sense Principles. The core that drives "common sense marketing."

Need your sidewalk shoveled?

We've got a few extra red shovels laying around, and a ton of awesome ideas that could help your business grow. Give us a call or contact us to get started.