Shovel The Sidewalk As Your Media Buying Professional

We get it!

Media buying is not fun. It’s time consuming and it’s probably more complicated than it needs to be. You don’t have time to negotiate with every media vendor.  You don’t have time to meet with every sales rep. You don’t have time to review and reconcile your media invoices. We do. In fact, we enjoy everything about the media buying process and we’re good at it. We take the privilege of representing our clients seriously and we have created strong partnerships with local media companies on behalf of our clients.

Shovel The Sidewalk Becomes One & Only Contact

  • We create media implementation strategies.
  • We handle all negotiations with media vendors.
  • We handle all traffic instructions.
  • We handle auditing of all media invoice(s). (Ensuring proper delivery prior to payment approval)
  • We vet all medial solicitations and notify client of any worth consideration.

Let Us Give You

  • Your valuable time & work energy back.
  • A trusted, solitary point of contact.
  • Control and assurance over your media invoice(s).
  • A gatekeeper with an experienced ear and eye for something valuable.
  • An option for valuable input beyond “The Buy.”

Industry Professional Experience & Knowledge

  • Steve Fortunato has been in media business for nearly 30 years.
  • He managed more than $50 Million worth of media inventory.
  • We have forged positive relationships with every major media vendor in Western New York.
  • Shovel The Sidewalk conducts media buying for many clients, including: