Nice to meet ya!

We're the Personify Pets team.

Human and Golden Doodle

Jayson and Duke

Hey! My name is Duke and the guy with the beard is my dad, Jayson.
He's an engineer by day and helps me take care of my human brother, sisters and mom in the evenings. It's pretty cool that he is half of Peresoniy Pets and along with my friend Kevin, he's working hard, every day, to ensure that dogs, all over the United States, stay safe, comfortable, and secure with their families.

Human and hunter

Kevin and Chief

I'm Kevin and this is my dog Duke.
Duke has been the inspiration behind some of the products that we invented at Personify Pets. He's an escape artist and a true hunter. Every day collars, leashes, and tags are no match for his shenanigans. As an engineer, working together with Jayson, and sometimes Duke, we've been able to ensure Cheif's safety and other dogs just like him.

Feedback and Development

We’re engineers by trade. We understand the development process and know that without feedback, we can’t create a quality product for you and your pet. That’s why we always want to know what you think. In fact, some of the negative feedback we’ve received has helped us get to where we are today!

Why BioThane?

We didn’t pick it out of a hat, the choice to make our collars out of BioThane┬« was well thought out and put to the test.

Why Martingale?

All collars are not created equal. Some dogs require something with a little more security. Meet the Martingale collar.

Meet the Personify Pack!

We’re not the only members of the Personify Pack! We have more than 40,000 Personify Pack members out there. Are you a member? send us a pic of your pooch and join. You guys may even make the website or show up on one of our social feeds!