Comfort Collars

BioThane® collars that are super-strong and soft.

Pet ID Tags

Deep engraving that won’t fade.
Secure double slide design.
No hanging metal.

Build a Bundle

Build a package that personifies your pet!
Collar, tag, and leash.

BioThane® Leashes

Lightweight and flexible.
Easy to fold up and pack away.

Why Personify your Pet?

Your pets are always there for you. Our products help keep it that way.

Take it from Debbie

We can tell you how great our products are all day! But why listen to us when you can listen to one of our customers? Meet Debbie, a foster/rescue dog mom out of Alden, New York.

Kevin LOVES what he does!

Have you met Kevin? He and his dog, Chief, or half of the humans and pets behind Personify Pets.

Why? Because we love your pet!

We’re engineers, we saw a need so we filled that need. But at the end of the day, we built Personify Pets because we love your pets just as much as we love ours.

Meet the Personify Pack!

Become a partner

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Lifetime Warranty

Did you buy a product from us? That’s awesome! We want to make sure you and your pet are covered…for life.