Recruitment and Retention
Marketing and Advertising
for Volunteer Fire Departments

You’re not happy with your volunteer recruitment and retention numbers.

We have a process that can increase qualified applications and improve retention.
We recruited more volunteers in 2020 than we did the last 2 1/2 years combined.
Chief Robert Maibach


Chief Bob Maibach from Goose Creek Rural Volunteer Fire Department

The Shovel Recruitment Playbook

The Shovel recruitment playbook involves allowing the current volunteers to share their stories. The experiences of the volunteers create an emotional connection with candidates who will eventually become their peers.
Once the stories are unearthed it’s time to develop a strategy to tell the community while maximizing the marketing and advertising budget, grant money (Safer Grant) or donations.
The first step to growing your recruitment and retention results is to set up a discovery meeting with the Shovel team.

Goose Creek Rural Volunteer Fire Department

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