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What's your story?

People connect with people, not businesses. As a small business operator, you have an opportunity to stand out in the community because nobody else can be you and nobody else can own your story.

Trust the process

We’ve developed a proven process that will help your small business “humanize its brand.”

Shovel The Sidewalk will identify and develop your unique story, as well as create and implement marketing and advertising strategies that connect you and your brand to your employees, customers and prospects.

“It’s our mission to help small businesses beat the big box stores”

Your brand isn’t what you think it is.

It’s what the community perceives it to be.

Branding = Everything

It’s not just advertising that affects your brand. Everything you do, every touchpoint a person has with your business—it all impacts your brand. If you don’t shovel the sidewalk to your business on a snowy day, your customers carry that experience with them.

Message Before Delivery

What you say is more important than where you say it. If your advertising message is poor then the advertising medium is irrelevant. Clear the path by writing a good message first.

Advertising on Brand

An off-brand advertisement can hurt. Make sure you shovel the sidewalk by writing advertisements that are on target with the direction of your brand. You can’t be what you’re not. Your uniqueness is your best selling point. Own what will make you successful.

Our Story

It happened a few years ago on a winter’s day in Buffalo, New York. A business holding a grand re-opening event invited the world, but didn’t shovel the sidewalk to the store. Wet, cold feet resulted in multiple bad customer experiences. And thus the concept of Shovel The Sidewalk was born—a marketing firm for small businesses that emphasizes the reality that everything you do affects your brand.

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