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Seneca Native Connections

Native Connections is a prevention team within the Seneca Nation Health System. Their goal is to help reduce substance abuse and suicide risk among Seneca Nation youth and families.

When we first met with the Native Connections team they had an identity problem. Most young people in the Seneca Nation did not understand what services the team provided and others had negative feelings towards the entire organization.

During our brand audit we discovered a very strong sense of pride and honor throughout much of the nation.


The Seneca Nation ancestors, grandparents and parents had to overcome inconceivable obstacles to keep the nation viable for the current generation—and the current generation is now tasked with doing the same for future generations.

In order to truly tap into the heart of their mission, we had numerous discussions and many hours of research that had to be conducted until we landed on the slogan “Honor Your Journey”.

Visual Identity

Multiple elements of the Seneca culture were incorporated into the visual identity of the brand. We utilized the purple found from the wampum shells on the Hiawatha belt that depicts the five nations coming together as well as the blue found on the Seneca seal. The icon features a compass, a tool that many use when on a journey as well as the single standing feather found on their gustoweh (Seneca Headdress).

The Native Connections team embraced the refreshed brand, utilizing the slogan and logo with every piece of communication. Residents eventually started embracing it as well and now it’s a well- known and understood positive brand in the Seneca Nation.

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