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Leon Komm & Son Monument Company

A fourth generation monument company, Leon Komm & Son Monument Company needed a way to grow the Komm brand in a competitive market.

We turned on the microphone, asked questions, and got out of the way. We let the Komms share the story—no scripts, just authentic responses. We edited those responses into numerous radio commercials. The strategy was to let the community feel the passion, pride, and empathy from the Komm family leading to trust, connections, and eventually new customers.

The Komm story is powerful and needs to be told.
The best people to tell it are the Komms.

The Aftermath

With a typical small business budget, it takes more time than most business owners are comfortable with to connect with the community. The Komm campaign took a year to start showing positive ROI. After two years the results were so impactful the Komms knew they could never stop utilizing sound and their stories to advertise, and ultimately persuade community members to let Leon Komm & Son Monument Company create a monument that will distinguish, preserve and honor a loved one.

The Power of Sound

Shovel the Sidewalk

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