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Heat Wave Heating and Cooling

During the brand analysis, we discovered a company philosophy (although never defined) that appeared to make them a customer service company first and a home HVAC company second. The focus from ownership, to a technician to support staff was making sure the customer had a great experience. We realized quickly this entire team did everything they could to go the extra mile for their customer.  We leveraged the cliché and created the slogan “Go the extra degree” and highlighted it in their custom jingle.

“Go the extra degree” has become the Heatwave rallying cry.

The Heatwave story

In a male-dominated industry Heatwave Heating & Cooling owner Robin Cloy is a unique story.  Instead of claiming “this is a woman-owned business” we “humanized” the brand by featuring Rob in the advertising.  We also featured many of the employees and produced all content without any upfront scripts.  The jingle is used with every piece of audio and video and every advertisement including employee recruitment advertising.

Visual Identity

The Heatwave Heating & Cooling visual image did not match the brand. It didn’t have any continuity and it was dated. We refreshed the brand, giving it more energy, and a much cleaner and professional look.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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