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Crosspoint Dentistry

Dr. Kelly Truong reached out to us with a challenge to help her build a brand for her practice that could compete with the big box dental groups that were buying up the smaller practices throughout
Western New York.

Dr. Truong is the only dentist in the Crosspoint Dentistry practice.  The immediate advantage she has over the bigger competitors is herself—her personality and her philosophy, her passion for dentistry, and forging a deep relationship with her patients. During the brand audit, we also noted the calming bedside manner of
Dr. Truong and realized it was an important feature to highlight.

We decided to humanize the Crosspoint brand by “humanizing” Dr. Truong. We let her tell her story and share her philosophies in her own words—no scripts, no detailed pre-planning.


Crosspoint has the most modern technology, yet the practice also has the feeling of a dental practice from many years ago.  In-depth conversations between the patient and the dentist are encouraged.  Many people think it’s the way dentistry should be.
That’s why we implemented the Crosspoint Dentistry Slogan—“The way it should be.”

Visual Identity and Musical Imaging

We have three goals in mind for the visual identity. We want people to understand that this was a woman-owned and operated dental practice. We want potential patients to feel her comforting disposition and to understand that they will receive a special experience at Crosspoint Dentistry.

In creating the logo we used soft typeface, soft grays as opposed to a strong black and mixed the calming nature of blue with the warming-passionate energy of red to emphasize that Crosspoint Dentistry was a rarity amongst the “big-box” dental offices. That is was just the way it should be.

Dr. Kelly specializes in providing dentistry to patients that have a fear of dentists.  She is a calming voice with a wealth of knowledge. All Crosspoint Dentistry audio ads and videos utilize a  calming sonic brand. The musical imaging highlights Dr. Kelly’s “motherly personality” and it has proven to be a very successful strategy.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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