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Stevens Driving School

Stevens Driving School needed something to make them stand out from the multiple driving schools in the community.

Most of their advertising dollars were targeting the students. We changed our target to the parents. The parents pay for the driving lessons and the parents make the decisions. With our brand voice focused on parents, we connected emotionally by discussing safety issues.  Parents can choose a low-cost driving school or the driving school that teaches students how to drive safely.

Taking action

We hijacked a grammatically incorrect common vernacular for the slogan—“Drive safe”. We utilized a female actress with a motherly connection for the voiceover and we created a memorable jingle with female vocals highlighting the slogan, “drive safe”.

Steven’s Radio Ads

Stevens Driving School has a dominant market share and is now not only known as a driving school that excels in safe driving teachings but also has a truck driving school that owns the safe teaching category.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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