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Lake Life Cafè

Husband and wife ownership team Amy and Marc Martis discovered a need in the community and created a detailed business plan to fill the need. However, they needed help creating a brand from scratch that would connect with the community.

The owners are more than capable of executing a plan but they just needed help creating it.


Amy created the name Lake Life Café and we agreed it was a perfect fit. The café attracts two types of customers—the customer that wants to stop for a quick bite to eat before heading back out on an adventure and the customer that wants to stay a while, have a cup of coffee, read a book or people watch. The concept centers on the customer. It’s the customers vacation. The customer decides what to do with his or her time while on vacation.
That’s how we arrived at the Lake Life Café slogan, ”It’s your time”.

Visual Identity

We didn’t want to do the usual café coffee cup icon.  The name alone indicates coffee so Maria decided to use realism. The Lake Life Café coffee cup stain icon shows the end result of a relaxing time while drinking a great cup of coffee.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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