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Goose Creek Rural Fire Department

With volunteerism on a rapid decline across the country Goose Creek Rural Fire Department had to act.  They desperately needed volunteer firefighters as well as support staff in order to continue serving the community.

When we arrived we had to break the news that unfortunately,  there isn’t a quick, short-term solution.  However, if they would follow our lead we could refresh their brand, create a solid long-term recruitment strategy and ultimately connect GCRFD with the community.

Results: In one year they tripled their
volunteer applications.


The unincorporated area of Goose Creek which is served by GCRFD consists of extremely proud and passionate residents (us against the world).  We leveraged community pride and created the slogan “Be the Goose Creek difference.”.  When your neighbor is in need you can help by being the Goose Creek difference.

Visual Identity

During our brand audit we discovered confusion between Goose Creek Rural Fire Department (Volunteer) and Goose Creek City Fire Department (career/paid).  Many residents served exclusively by GCRFD were unaware of the fact there was a difference between the two volunteer and paid departments.

The Goose Creek High School mascot is an alligator. The logo is “gator eyes”. The residents of Goose Creek unincorporated identify with the Goose Creek High School, so we asked and were granted permission by the high school to use their “gator eyes” logo as the GCRFD icon, tying GCRFD with Goose Greek unincorporated and separating GCRFD from Goose Creek City Fire Dept.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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