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WNY Dermatology Family of Brands

During our WNY Dermatology brand audit we quickly discovered that the personality of Medical Director Dr. Nazareth is gold. He expresses extreme confidence and has great knowledge, yet at the same time he understands the importance of customer service and has amazing bedside manner. We decided to highlight Dr. Nazareth as the cornerstone of the brand.

As the brand grew so did the business. It expanded to include a medical spa and eventually Mohs Surgery, which treats skin cancer. We created separate slogans for all three businesses but tied all three together with a consistent visual brand.

Each business has its own brand
but all of them are still connected by Dr. Nazareth

Western New York Dermatology

Live skin healthy”.  It’s a directive from the thought leader, educator and top skin care and skin cancer expert in WNY,  DR. Michael Nazareth. We utilized radio and social media allowing Dr. Nazareth to talk directly with residents of WNY on the do’s and don’t of skin care and protection from skin cancer.

Healthy Complexions Spa by WNY Dermatology

“We treat your skin. You treat yourself.” This medical spa is different because while it is a high-end luxurious spa, it also has Dr. Nazareth, a board certified dermatologist on hand to evaluate any concerning skin conditions before any procedures are performed.

Mohs Surgery at WNY Dermatology

“Arrive with skin cancer. Leave without it.”  Cancer is a scary word. When we found out this particular skin cancer can be treated by Mohs surgery and the patient will literally leave without the skin cancer after arriving with it, we decided to just make that statement the slogan and the rallying cry.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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