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Copeland Technology Solutions

Copeland Technology Solutions started in 1979 as Copeland Data. They eventually became a successful and highly regarded information technology company, but by the time we became a marketing partner their brand was extremely outdated. There was concern that the Copeland Data brand was actually hurting business. New business development was limited. Some of the employees were actually embarrassed to hand out business cards.  However, top level executives, who had been with the company since its inception, were understandably having a difficult time letting go.

As a cutting edge managed services provider, we believed that on multiple fronts, the Copeland Data brand did not match the services provided.

Our analysis

Copeland’s logo and company name reflected what they did for clients in the 1980’s. In essence, the brand was stuck in a time machine while technology kept progressing. We concluded that the name Copeland has strong equity (Gary Copeland was one of the founders) but data systems is weak and dated. New business was  practically non-existent because Copeland Data looked like a company that has not kept up with technology.

How we shoveled their sidewalk

We changed the name from Copeland Data Systems to Copeland Technology Solutions.  “Copeland” still resonates with current clients and “Technology Solutions” provides prospects with a better understanding of what services the company provides.  We also created the slogan “move forward”. The slogan indicates this is a company that will always be forward thinking and on the cutting edge of technology attracting clients with similar philosophies. The new logo we created is modern and lively, and matches the new name and slogan.

Copeland moves forward

Once the new brand was established they immediately revamped their website and materials.  Internally, it uplifted spirits. In fact they soon realized their offices didn’t match their refreshed brand, so they moved into a new more modern building. New business is on the rise and they found recruiting top level talent was easier as well.

Shovel the Sidewalk

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