Recruitment Advertising

What used to be a thankless job is now in the spotlight. The combination of a tight labor market and the difficult–to–understand millennial generation workforce has compelled companies to recognize the importance of a strong Human Resources Department.

No matter the position—Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention, Human Resources Director, Hiring Manager, Recruiter—and whether it’s a tight market or a loose market, a human resources professional has a tough job. Your duties are endless.

When it comes to recruitment advertising, seminars can teach you what to do. But can they teach you how to do it?

We can help you to effectively and efficiently work through this somewhat labor-intensive process with a proven and successful formula that is elementary in approach.


Employer Brand


Over Quantity


Employees Are
Your Greatest Asset

You need an exclusive employer brand

Your recruitment goals are not the same as consumer-facing business goals.  In fact, the entire idea of who is connecting with your employer brand and why is completely different than a business-to-consumer connection–so embracing the company consumer brand as your own is usually a bad idea.

An individual may not be a potential customer of your business, but that same person may be an ideal candidate for recruitment.  Attracting new talent and keeping your existing top employees truly requires a brand all to itself.

Qualified Leads Save Time & Money

It doesn’t matter how many applications you receive if you aren’t reaching the right applicants for the job. And with a tight labor market, you need to continuously and aggressively attract passive job-seekers.  Often, the best way to do that is by making a connection with your competitors’ top employees.

Your associates are the best influencers

Human resources specialists know that the best lead source is an employee referral. And no one is a better ambassador for your company’s recruitment efforts than a satisfied existing employee. Utilizing your associates to tell your H.R. brand story gives your company personality and credibility and it sparks the “Hollywood Effect”.

Passionate organic sharing from your employees is the most resounding kind of referral imaginable.

Recruitment Advertising Examples


Our partners at GEICO introduced us to Jackie. An outstanding salesperson, she is well-liked by her peers and passionate about her career at GEICO. Her story is an amazing one and nobody could tell it better than Jackie herself. We highlighted Jackie on radio and Facebook and she was well received. Some of her Facebook posts were shared more than 200 times.

Now Hiring in Sales

Wonder what it's like to work in Sales? 💰Benefits include no cold calls, set schedule, generous time off & so much more!✔︎ Tuition reimbursement✔︎ Bonus opportunities✔︎ Profit sharing & paid training✔︎ Medical, dental, vision & life insurance✔︎ 6 paid & 4 floating holidays per year#CareersUnexpected

Posted by GEICO Careers: Buffalo on Friday, 28 September 2018


Brand research is an everchanging process and so we are always on the lookout for opportunities that will benefit our clients. While searching for GEICO videos we discovered Matt. A highly regarded member of the GEICO Service Department, he is also a gifted writer and producer of comedy. We utilized Matt on radio, Facebook, billboards and a unique video campaign in which we produced three :15 videos highlighting three GEICO employees. Matt starred in all three clips.


Michelle became the GEICO Buffalo greeter in early 2018 and we quickly realized she needed to be one of our employee testimonial stories. She has a tremendous personality and she is active on social media. One of her Facebook posts received more than 500 shares. Michelle is a great example of the “Hollywood Effect.”

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