People can close their eyes, but that can't shut off their ears. Audio is crucial when it comes to telling your story. Our process is very labor intensive but it is more authentic and connects emotionally with your community.


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There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

Story telling

Audio is a great way to say things to people.

Better Smile

Dr. Samer Riad immigrated to the United States from Egypt. He named the company Better Smile because he is always striving to be better.  He insists average is not acceptable. Instead of hiding from Dr. Riad’s accent, we welcomed it. It’s who he is. No scripts allowed for his commercials. To give it a bit more energy and create more top of mind awareness we created musical imaging and used it with every piece of audio created.

Get a Second Opinion

Be Better Than Average

A Better Patient Experience

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