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Now, it’s time to connect with potential customers. Incorporate your team members, yourself and your clients into a video strategy that will educate the community about who you are and what you’re about.


Why is it important to have natural sound? Because Jamie Catania says so.

So be sure to include natural sound

in every video you record

or else it will probably suck balls.

Seneca Native Connections

Capturing natural sound

Native Connections hosted an event showcasing traditional dances and songs that pay homage to their ancestors. This video was recorded on a 3-axis gimbal to record the movement and fluidity of their transitions to new dances. Natural sound was also recorded with the camera’s built in microphone.

Crosspoint Dentistry

Humanizing your brand

Dr. Kelly is known for her sweet and gentle personality which has attracted many patients who were once afraid to come back to the dentist office. She explains in this video the importance of taking care of a cavity once it’s been found in order to save your tooth and money in the long run. This was recorded vertically for Facebook optimization.

Goose Creek Rural Volunteer Fire Department

Personal stories

Goose Creek Rural Fire Department has a diverse culture of fire and non-fire fighting volunteers. We captured their passion and reasons for joining the department while showcasing their stories to promote the Goose Creek Difference.

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